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In January of 1941, a group of Christians gathered to organize an Independent Baptist Church. The group included members from West Canton Baptist Church, a church which had been organized from the old "Sheep-pen" in Wellstown, a section of Canton. The land for the building was purchased from L. W. Smathers on February 21, 1941. The original church was built to seat 250 people. Charles Moore did the grading with a team of horses and most of the labor on the building was donated. A second tract of land was purchased from George H. Jones on April 30, 1943. The first service of the church was a prayer meeting on Friday night, June 13, 1941, with 30 members present. 

The first officers of the church were elected on March 15, 1941. They were:

· Grover C. Moore, Moderator

· Raymond F. Wells, Sunday School Superintendent

· Rufus N. Pressley, Secretary

· Ovia Lee Moore Wells, Treasurer

· Lucy McClure, Church Clerk

· Andy McGee, Music Director

The first pastor was Reverend Lucius J. Rogers and the first deacons were:

· Ransom Galloway

· Roy Hampton

· Jack Hipps

· Virgil McClure

· Andy McGee

· Claude Moore

· Grover Moore

· Raymond F. Wells

The first members were:

· Grover C. & Effie H. Moore

· Raymond F. & Ovia Lee M. Wells

· Jack C. & Marie M. Hipps

· Claude C. & Ila Mae B. Moore

· Harrison & Christine Benfield

· Rufus N. & Mae Pressley

· Roy & Louise Hampton

· Theodore James

· Joe Putnam

· Jimmy Crawford

· Lennie Bradley

· Flora Bradley

· A. B. Moore

· Andy McGee

· Bessie Brown

· Grace Wells McElrath

· Charlotte Bradley

· Annie Bradley

The first Ordination of Deacons was held on August 8, 1942. They were:

· Ransom Galloway

· Virgil McClure

· Roy Hampton

The first Ordination of Minister was held on January 19, 1947. Our first minister was:

· Raymond F. Wells

The hand-rung bell was purchased by Raymond F. Wells for $20.00. Reverend Wells was the first person to ring the bell. Grover C. Moore was the first to sing a song in the new church and Reverend Baile N. Rogers was the first minister to bring the sermon. The first revival was started on June 15, 1941, preached by Reverend Wells doing the baptizing. Reverend McElrath also had the honor of naming the new church. On June 30, 1941, the total indebtedness on the building was $2,285.53.

The first funeral held at the church was on August 2, 1941, for James Dotson, age 77, with Reverend Wesley Sprinkle conducting the service. Pete J. Moore with the United States Navy was the first serviceman of a family in the church killed during World War II. He was the gunner and radioman on a kingfisher seaplane. The plane crashed while on patrol killing Moore and the pilot on October 21.1942.

The church was received into the Haywood Baptist Association on August 24, 1949, during the pastorate of Reverend Coman Brown. Also in 1949, a parsonage was built near the church. The first WMU meeting was held in the home of Mrs. Claude Moore in October of 1954. A United Nations flag was made and given to the church by Mrs. Moore.

In April of 1956, the note on the church was burned by Grover C. Moore and George Brown. Reverend E. C. Revis was the pastor. It was announced on August 4, 1957, that the preceding year had been the best financial year ever for the church.

The first formal wedding was held in the church on August 12, 1956, with the wedding of Freda Graye Hipps to Robert H. Burress. Reverend C. Green and Reverend Clarence Revis conducted the wedding.

The church started printing bulletins with the order of worship and the activities of the church on February 1, 1960. In 1961, new pulpit furniture was purchased. Reverend J. W. Myers was pastor at that time.

In 1967, while Reverend Bennett Walker was serving as pastor, the church agreed that there was a need for a new building with bigger and better Sunday School rooms. Bonds were sold to pay for the new building, which was completed at a cost of $80,000.00. The building consists of 17 classrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 assembly rooms and a kitchen. Services were held in the first floor assembly room until the new sanctuary could be built. Reverend Walker delivered a wonderful message at the first service which was held on December 17, 1967. Membership was 245 at that time.

A Bus Ministry was begun on August 4, 1971. On July 9, 1972, the church voted to buy a tract of land on which Jones Woodworking Shop had been located and use the land for parking. This tract was purchased from George H. Jones. The lumber and machinery still on the property was sold by the church and grass was planted.

On Sunday, February 26, 1978, the church celebrated Victory Day. The occasion was to celebrate the paying off of the church's bond debt, which was paid off four and one-half years early. Reverend Bennett Walker, who was pastor at the time the bonds were sold in 1967, was guest speaker. Plans now called for the building of a new sanctuary to replace the basement auditorium where services were held.

On September 14, 1983, a dedication service was held for the picnic shed, which had been built at a cost of $4,671.98.

Ground breaking for the new sanctuary was held on July 28, 1987. Serving on the building committee for the sanctuary was: 

· L. O. Kyle, Chairman

· Pat F. Bradley

· Shelia Brown

· Ruth C. Dayton

· Chris Stevens

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